HFF grantmaking occurs once a year during our annual spring board meeting. 

We partner with organizations that work to achieve the following outcomes:



Children are reading on grade level by 3rd grade and exit elementary school having acquired the foundational literacy skills to be successful in MS and HS.

Families play an active role in their child’s education and partner with schools to advocate on behalf of students and families.

Teachers are provided with professional development that leads to improved outcomes in instructional practice and student achievement.

Schools attract and retain effective teachers to create stability and sense of community.

Youth experience positive relationships with adults and peers that enhance their personal and professional growth.

Youth successfully transition into the workforce or higher education after high school.

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Behavioral Health/Community Support

Families, youth, and children have access to and receive timely interventions to minimize the impact of stress caused by challenging situations.

Adults and youth have strong social networks that provide: emotional support, skills to navigate challenging situations, and wellness support to manage stress.



Residents and community members are engaged in the development of community solutions and mobilized to bring about change.

DC government budget, policies, and practices benefit all families and children and promote socio-economic equity and justice.

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At this time the Horning Family Fund does not accept unsolicited proposals.