Our Mission

Partnering to build communities where families thrive and children are nurtured to achieve their greatest potential.

Our Core Values


We believe that together we can create far better outcomes than any one of us can achieve on our own. The changes we’re working to create requires the collective efforts of communities, nonprofits, government, business, and philanthropy.


We believe that to make a difference, we must work with community partners to identify opportunities and evaluate our efforts. We also believe that the biggest impact is best achieved by offering consistent, multiple year support.

Organizational Leadership

We believe that creative people who are addressing complex issues within their communities have the power to create positive change.

Personal Connection and Involvement

We believe that grantmaking is only part of our work. We value the personal relationships established with our grantees and the community.


We believe our resources (knowledge, networks, influence, and money) can be used to create larger social change.